Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gili Trawangan

Arrived at Gili Trawangan, off the coast of Lombok, this morning. It's a small little island, about 2km from end-to-end, and very nice, with white sand beaches and blue-green waters. I rode around the island on a bicycle today and stopped to watch a gorgeous sunset.

Tomorrow I'm going to snorkel and relax a bit.

Ever since I've come to Bali, it feels like I've left the backpacker trail and ended up in the middle of a resort. It's actually not all that great - instead of being around other interesting young people, it's a bunch of fat old Aussies and trashy party-seekers from Europe and Australia. Not exactly my crowd. And things are more expensive too. Oh well, I'm still enjoying the scenery.

I'm looking forward to going home though.


  1. Do you think that's because it's harder to get to?? We felt the same way about Jamaica, but I would have thought that Bali was more on the backpacker's trail. Have fun relaxing!!

  2. I think it's more that it's billed as resort destination so a lot of people come here looking to be pampered. There are backpackers too but I think they're more young vacationers traveling light with backpacks than touring around for weeks/months backpackers like other people I've met before. It's all about mindset/attitude...